uova_di_pasqua5.jpgEaster is quite an important day in Italy given our Catholic inheritance.
It comes at the end of Lent — a period during which for religious reasons (or simply for tradition) many people make sacrifices and give something up… like sweets, or shoe shopping! During lent it is also quite common not to eat meat on Fridays; fasting is instead prerogative of the very religious.
Despite this period of abstinence, the windows of patisseries and confectionery shops are full of chocolate in the shape of eggs, rabbits and lambs, all in very sweet pastel colours resembling the coming of spring. Children open their eggs on Easter morning and find a little surprise in them. If you have something special you wish to give on Easter day, you can ask a confectionery to prepare an egg especially for you and insert your little gift inside (quite romantic I must say). Egg hunts are not part of our tradition here in Italy. colombapasquale.jpg
Then there is typically a nice lunch with family or friends; what is served will depend on the region (as always in Italy), but in most parts the main course will be lamb. At the end of the meal everybody will get a slice of colomba, the traditional Easter cake in the shape of a dove and very similar to panettone (with almonds, but no raisins).
Then on Pasquetta (literally “little Easter”) Monday, if the weather is nice, everybody will leave for a traditional day-trip that will end in a long queue on the way home at night!
Have a nice Easter!



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March 22, 2008

If I could add something about Easter, I ‘ll said that Easter, as Michela sais, is a “quite” an important day in Italy but I say: it should be the most important day for catholic people. I say “should” becouse, as a catholic, I think that it is the most important, but today, during this ages, most of catholic people live like who isn’t catholic, and they don’t know the real meaning, or they have forgiven it.
I think that others things, like travels, jewels, dresses, cars, have taken the place that real values, and I think that sometimes, during our life, not only during the Easter Day, we should think that there is something more important that money or leasure. We should stop and think that someone called Gesù is died for us and for us He is rised. The Easter is the day of Joy and Hope.
I Know that who don’t believe in God, and who isn’t catholic, don’t understand what I have wrote, but i hope who is catholic, expecially ” lukewarm”catholic, like we called in Italy,this kind of carholic, understand my words.

Have a nice Easter with your family!

March 23, 2008

I have been surprised by the incredible easter chocolate things around in the stores here in Bologna…. and all the well wishes from ppl that walk by, its lovely.
Grazie Italia.

Antonella - Trento - Italy
March 25, 2008

Dear Antonella,
you uncorrectly stated that “who isn’t catholic doesn’t understand”.

Well, I am not catholic but I certainly understand that the meaning of this day has been changed and many people misunderstand it, anyway, there are many other days which are so important for Catholic (see Xmas) and that have just become commercial days.
But this was not the sense of Michela’s post.
Michela just wanted to point out how in Italy we prepare this day, catholic or not, and I find that her post was clever and nice.

The other Antonella of this blog, sole Aunt of Andreas

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