Tricotti, again…

March 21, 2008

I know I’ve raved about the Tricotti before, but now that we are having this theme week I felt I had to just remind you of it. I used this sling so much in the first months…
In the house: at some point my baby would only sleep in my arms – but they would be equally happy in the Tricotti and this left my hands free! Out of the house: I always kept the Tricotti in my push-chair – there were moments that my babies absolutely refused to be in the push-chair for a second longer!

tricotti 3The Tricotti consists of 2 tubular jersey bands that you wear crosswise over the shoulders. It’s very easy to use (although it’s handy to have some clear instructions). It can be worn in 4 different positions: comma (from birth), face in to wearer (6 weeks) or out towards the world (3 months), or a bit later in hip position (up to 2 years). It can also be used for discreet breastfeeding.
Because the jersey bands can be spread out over your shoulders, the weight distribution is really good. You can choose to cover your baby more or less with the bands – really cozy when it gets colder or handy when you need protection from the sun.

I also loved the fact that the jersey bands, when not in use, can be used as blankets, play mats etc. They don’t take up much space at all, so they’re perfect for travelling or to throw in the bottom of your pram – within hand’s reach for when you really need them. Babies LOVE to be carried around in these! And it’s so cozy to have them all cuddled up against you…
In fact my husband liked the Tricotti too! And it is so cute seeing a big guy carrying such a tiny baby…

The tricotti can be googled and is available on multiple websites within Europe. I’m not sure about the States! If you’re in the Netherlands you should get the Combi-Cotti – it is a Tricotti that comes with a third piece and I can recommend it! I haven’t found it anywhere else but at nature4babies. They will ship within the E.U. but the website is unfortunately in Dutch…

xxx Esther

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March 21, 2008

They sound amazing! I have to say I am a secret baby sling addict, I already have 3 different systems, Psling which I picked up in New York and really love, especially because it is really pretty, an Ergo which is also fantastic as it works on the front and on the back. I also have a good old fashioned Baby Bjorn…. So I guess a Tricotti added to the collection could not hurt!!

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