Breastfeeding in public (part3)

tank.jpgThere’s a trick to breastfeeding discretely in public that I have come up with this time around (and Esther told me she did the same). I bought a few very stretchy tank tops with spaghetti straps and I wear them below my normal shirts. When I need to nurse I pull the shirt up and the tank top down, exposing very little skin. You can either wear a tank of the same colour of the shirt you are wearing on top or play around with contrasting colours for a layered look.
I find that there are loads of advantages: you do not expose much of your breast, you do not expose much of your (not very toned) tummy … and you keep warmer during the winter months!

I bought mine at Intimissimi. Esther told me she stocked up at H&M.  I’m sure you’ll find some suitable ones near you.



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March 7, 2008

Take this advice to heart, expecting mums – it is really working well! As Michela said, I like the H&M ones from the maternity range – they’re cotton, come in black and white and are long enough to properly cover the belly. In fact, I’m still wearing them on a daily basis!

March 7, 2008

Me too! (Wearing one today and I’m not even pregnant or breastfeeding)!
Esther gave me the tip when my baby was born, and it was so handy!

March 7, 2008

I love the H&M maternity tops, but I think everyone does as I have been going to H&M periodically and they are never in stock!

March 12, 2008

Yes yes yes! This is a great tip. It might not work for the 32 J breasts, but it worked for me.

March 16, 2008

[…] straps. Check if you can pull the vest under your breast. This is GREAT for breastfeeding. Michela wrote about it after the birth of her second baby. Unmissable. Get black to match the shorts […]

March 17, 2008

This sounds like a great idea! I am breastfeeding my second baby now. I remember from the first one that I did not like to expose my, indeed, not very toned tummy.

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