Brora stripy jumpers

Brora Stripey JumperEvery time we have friends and family visiting us from the States I take them to Brora— the ‘shop-supreme’ for famous Scottish Cashmere. It is just one of those shops everyone loves. A v-neck jumper for my husband, a button-up cardigan for my aunt, their cozy cashmere blankets for my mom, gloves and scarf for my sister, hats for my brothers, baby blankets for new babies, etc. etc.

Brora’s aim is to give classic Scottish cashmere a contemporary twist. You can literally get any style of jumper in just about any color.

My favorite section in Brora? The baby and kid’s lines. (You’re never too young for a bit of cashmere)…

The stripy hooded jumpers are the best; they’re cute, cozy and great-fitting. My son has worn the same jumper for the past 2 years (I just rolled the sleeves up a bit in the beginning), and the quality has remained — I can’t tell you how many times I have hand-washed that jumper and it always dries looking as good as new!

We now have a few different stripy jumpers (their new color-combinations each season are too cute to resist!), and it seems at least one of my boys is always wearing one! I never travel without them–even in summer time — because they’re just the perfect thing to throw on your kids when they get chilly.

They’re not cheap (I try to get mine on-sale), but I promise — the quality is so good, you’ll get your money’s worth!

So, can you tell I’ve had practice justifying more than a few Brora charges on the ‘ol credit card??



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March 5, 2008

I love, love, love these jumpers. They are the best. The quality remains great, and it’s true, my daughter has been wearing hers for 2 years now!

March 5, 2008

Yes, they are great, but don’t do what I did which is to wash them in the machine as they then get so small they will not even fit a mouse!

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