UK Mother’s Day

Mama Mio’s Mother’s Day kitI think it’s very bizarre that Mother’s Day doesn’t have a universal date. Mother’s Day here in the UK is called ‘Mothering Day’ and falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent, exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday (which happens to be this coming Sunday, March 2nd). It is believed to have originated from the 16th-century Christian practice of visiting ones mother’s church annually, which meant that most mothers would be reunited with their children on this day.
Mother’s Day in the States and many other countries is the 2nd Sunday in May, while in France it is the last Sunday of May, unless it coincides with Pentecost Day, in which case Mother’s Day will be shifted to the first Sunday of June. It’s all very confusing! (See more about it here).

You can probably imagine how confused I was when we first moved to London. There’s always the dilemma of which Mother’s Day to celebrate in our family (I vote for both!), and then remembering both dates (I have to buy cards in March so that I can send them in May to my own mom)! It’s complicated, but VERY important none the less.

So with Mother’s Day on my mind, here are a few suggestions to forward on to your husbands/children…

Mama Mio, the London-based deluxe maternity skincare line, has added a Mother’s Day kit to their range. The new kit includes their super-rich body cream and a Gravida Candle Cowshed Spafor relaxation, presented in a keepsake gift box.

•You can also find Mama Mio products at London’s Cowshed Spa in Clarendon Cross (which is another tip for husbands). The Cowshed is one of my favourite spas in London–relaxing AND cool. Whether it’s a calming facial, a fruit-acid manicure, or a cowshed massage, you’ll leave there feeling like you got spoiled for Mother’s Day. (They also have great pregnancy treatments if you’re a mum-to-be). Get there early so you can grab a coffee and a muffin and have time to read the paper–oh what a luxury!

Flowers for Mommy•Flowers are always a good option… Your husband could have them delivered, or you could make it a family outing and visit the Columbia Road Flower Market in East London. This hugely popular market sells exotic flowers and plants from around the world at low prices. There are more than 50 stalls and 30 shops, and it’s only open on Sundays from 8:00 to 2PM (the earlier you go, the better). This is a fun family activity, and a good way to get Spring on your mind. It’s also a sure way to get flowers for Mother’s Day. 🙂

•Alternatively (or in addition), you could give your kids (and husband) some paper and paints and have them paint you a picture! This card from my boys always brightens my day! Of course, it helps to have a husband who can draw…

In any case, I hope you get lots of Love on Mother’s Day (despite what country you live in and when the occasion falls)…



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February 26, 2008

I am all for celebrating mother’s day twice. not a bad tradition to start!

February 26, 2008

Bad luck for me – I moved away from the UK so no double mother’s day for me this year…!

February 26, 2008

I was a mum very briefly in London…but I got the worst deal:
in march i was still pregnant, so technically not a mother. In may I was told that since we were in the uk i had to celebrate the uk day…..

February 27, 2008

No confusion there at all, nobody remembers Mother’s day in my family. I only got a card from my daughter last year prepared from the nursery but she didn’t really understand what it was for.
Never mind, there is always this year. With a little help from me and a few hints I might be celebrated at last!!!

February 27, 2008

Last year were travelling between the UK, Amsterdam, and NZ and I missed them all and it was my first! :o(
So this year the UK mothers day is in bold print on the calendar not that we live there anymore but I have to make up for the fact that I missed out last year….

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