Lamb brain and pig trotters

February 21, 2008

food.jpgOne of the things I would miss the most if we were to move away from Paris would be the Parisian food markets. Every single neighbourhood has at least one, if not two, that are open at least a couple days a week (check out the link to see the locations and opening times). They are amazing, especially if you are used to shopping in supermarkets as I was after 10 years of living in London. The food is always fresh and beautiful to look at, and you can find anything from lamb brain to incredible smelly blue cheeses and fresh lobster. The best part is that after going for a while you get to know the market sellers and they get to know you. My daughter comes home stuffed full of goodies when we go to the market as everyone is always trying to fill her up with cherry tomatoes, little bits of cheese and chocolate. She gets really upset if I even think of going without her.

My personal favourite market is the Sunday market at Bastille. It is lovely to stroll down there in the morning, purchase some beautiful fresh food and go home and cook up a storm! The market itself is something to behold; depending on the season, there is a stall which sells freshly harvested sea salt and another only selling the most succulent looking mushrooms.

These markets remind me of the good ol’ days, as they have a great neighbourhood feel to them. They are a place where everyone still does know your name.



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February 21, 2008

I’ve been with Emilie before and it is amazing! An abundance of everything! (Well, except Sage… we needed sage for a pasta recipe and searched for at least 20 minutes before finding any). But in the end, they DID have sage!
It’s truly amazing (and beautiful) to see.

February 21, 2008

I love the Parisian foodmarkets. I could spend half the day there. Or even the entire day, but my husband never lets me…
Here in Amsterdam we don’t have markets like the ones Emilie describes – we have markets, but they sell cheese, herring and flowers (how typical!).

February 21, 2008

When in Paris we always go to the Bastille market! We stumbled upon it by accident on our first trip there 8 years ago and I’ll always remember the man that sold olive oil because he gave us a great walking route that gave the best views of Notre Dame. My favourite part of the market is looking at all the freshly baked pastries hmmm devine oh yeah and eating a few too :o)

February 22, 2008

I have to say that I really miss Borough Market in London. We have the Green Market in Union Square here in NY but it’s a bit of a trek for us.

February 4, 2011

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