Milano Sofa Beds

Milano Sofa BedIn this expensive city I call home– where houses (er flats) are small and space is a great commodity– only the very privileged have the luxury of a guest bedroom. But many of us are ex-pats here in London who have friends and family making regular visits from abroad. Guest bedrooms (or at the very least, an extra bed) are in high demand!

After making our guests sleep on an air mattress for over a year, I decided there must be a better solution… And after a very long search (scouring at least 20 different furniture and sofa stores), I found it: a sofa-bed that is comfortable (and good-looking as well)! The Milano Sofa Bed is an extremely well-designed and sleek sofa that converts effortlessly into a sturdy and comfortable bed. (Even my mom, who has been known to buy and return more than 10 mattresses before finding one she agrees with, thinks it’s comfortable)!

Milano Bedding SofaThe Milano Bedding collection sells more than 10 different styles of sofa-beds (we chose the Louis-3). The arms and legs are customizable as well as the cover (you can choose from hundreds of colors and fabrics). The covers are also completely removable and washable– really handy if you have kids! You can also choose the mattress type depending on your preference: standard spring or polilatex foam.

The sofa converts to a bed in one simple step. There’s no need to remove the cushions, as they fold up too. Sleek, simple and easy! We could not be more happy with ours. (My husband and I even spent a week on it while we were sleep-training the baby)!

The price? Well it’s not cheap, but for the quality and convenience- it’s worth the money. (Plus- consider what you’d pay in rent for the month if you had an extra bedroom)! Just don’t buy it at Harrods… you can find them for WAY less at Espacio on Tottenham Court Road, and the staff could not be more helpful there. Alternatively, you can check their site for retailers near you.

(And Michela- I’m sure you understood from the name, but it’s an Italian company based in Milan. Maybe you should check them out)!?!



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February 18, 2008

We slept on the sofa-bed when we were staying with Courtney and it’s really super comfortable!

July 5, 2008

If your mom thinks its comfortable, then it has to be so! My mom is just as picky about her beds, so I’d definitely keep a sofa bed that she actually thought was comfortable, too! Thanks for the tip about Espacio, I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

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