A romantic evening?

Yesterday (Valentine’s Day) my husband spoiled me rotten. I got pancakes for breakfast, and a huge gift box that contained lingerie, champagne and chocolates.
When he came home from work early, he brought me a perfect red rose.
So, after dinner, when the children were in bed, we decided to make the most of our evening and make use of our huge bathtub (and afterwards I would, of course, show off my new lingerie)!
The candles were on, the light was dimmed, my husband was just scrubbing my second foot when…

Tap, tap, tap! – Our toddler daughter came into the bathroom, dummy in her mouth and doll in her arms.
She looked at us in utter amazement, than started unbuttoning her pyjamas as she had decided she wanted in the bath too!
Hell no! we thought, and tried to persuade her to go back to her bed.
Tears filled her eyes, and before long she was standing in front of the bath sobbing: NO! NO! NO! I want, I want, I want to come in the bath!!!
I decided this was the perfect moment to try Courtney’s (well, Dr. Harvey Karp’s) coping with toddlers method, so I looked her in the eyes and said, “you said NO! You said NO! You said NO! You said you want! You said you want! You said you want to come in the bath”! My daughter looked at me with big, teary eyes, sobbed a bit and said “Yes!” (probably thinking, “that was easy!”).
Oh well, the whole thing resulted in me coming out of the bath, leaving my husband behind with his newspaper (which really isn’t too much of a punishment for him), and crawling in bed with our daughter. We were both fast asleep when hubby finished his newspaper and came to bed.

So much for a romantic evening!

xxx Esther


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February 15, 2008

Well at least you had good intentions!
And he definitely scores BIG points for the gifts!

February 15, 2008

I literally just spit my water all over when I read that…hahaha, so funny! Sorry you didn’t get your nice romantic evening, maybe tonight!

February 16, 2008

That is the best valentine’s blog I’ve read thus far. Thanks for sharing!

February 17, 2008

So are you sold on the Karp method now? I forgot about it as my son is 3 now, but when I read it here I thought – oh yeah, that did work pretty well when I needed it. i tried a modified, three year old version, to get him to do something tonight and it worked great! (You don’t want to turn off the computer! You want to keep doing the computer! But it’s time do go outside and we can do more computer tomorrow.) I think there’s something to it!

February 17, 2008

Most important things are the intentions! I think we all feel your pain

February 18, 2008

What nice gifts! And you paint such a picture of the bathtub scene… sorry.

February 25, 2008

Does your partner offer “how to” classes other hapless spouses? If yes, I will put his next student on the Thalys…

Thanks for the hearty laugh!

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