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February 10, 2008

NemoBut a Science Centre!
NEMO is a fantastic building in the heart of Amsterdam designed by the world famous Italian architect Renzo Piano. It resembles a big ship heading for the ocean and it houses a great place to entertain your children. Their cute motto is: forbidden NOT to touch! I read on the NEMO website that the primary target group is children aged between 6 and 16, but we brought our 2 1/2-year-old daughter together with her 64-year-old grandfather and both of them enjoyed themselves immensely! There are soap bubbles so big you can stand in them, life size kaleidoscopes, a DNA exhibit, and they show you how to provide a house from energy, etc. etc. Everything is set-up in a playful, interactive matter. We were there on a Saturday, so not the quietest of days you can imagine, but still there were no lines and we were able to do every experiment we were interested in.

Food wise – I would suggest to have lunch on the top floor of new public library next door. Here you find really good, fresh food, nice fruit juices and plenty of high chairs. (Unless you fancy a simple hot dog or soft bun, then NEMO will serve you just right).

NEMO roofFrom the sloping roof-piazza, the panorama over Amsterdam is magnificent. In summer, this roof-piazza transforms to a city beach with sand, beanbags, stunning harbour views and tapas-style snacks. No NEMO ticket is necessary to get here (either by means of the exterior stairs, or the lift inside the building), but before you go you should check the opening hours on the NEMO website because they depend on the weather.

NEMO is located on the east side of the central train station (walking distance). Admission to NEMO is €11,50 (children under 4 get in for free). Not cheap but it’s worth it! And you might as well save yourself €2 and get a combination ticket with the VOC ship ‘Amsterdam’ harboured in front of the building!

xxx Esther

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March 17, 2008

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