No rhinestones, no cargo pockets, no fade-marks… amen!

February 8, 2008

Old Navy JeansIs it just me or is it really difficult to find jeans for your kids that are simple, traditional blue-jeans?! (You know, ones that aren’t overly styled in an attempt to be trendy). I don’t like baggy, I don’t like big pockets, I don’t want some ugly design on them… and I don’t really want to spend gobs of money either! (And for the record, I have spent gobs of money on a pair of jeans for my oldest son, and I wasn’t too impressed)!

A couple of years ago a friend told me a secret: Old Navy’s distressed jeans for boys are simply the best! (And while most stores don’t carry this style, they are always available from the on-line shop)!

Two years later, and I now own two pairs of these jeans in every size up to 3T! They really are the best!

These Old Navy jeans fit well (not too baggy, not too boot-cut, not too long), the color is a nice dark-blue denim, and they’re simple. They have an elasticized waist in sizes 6-24 months, and an adjustable waistband for sizes up to 5T.

And they’re also cheap… (2 for $20)!

The only problem is (once again) that it’s an American store that only accepts American credit cards.

…So maybe we need to copy the pattern and give Emilie a little sewing project! 🙂



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February 8, 2008

Ha, I think jeans are a little bit too ambitious for me! I love the H&M skinny jeans for girls, it is never too early to start wearing skinny jeans! They are well cut, last for ages and cost about 16 euro a pop. They also have them in loads of different dyes!

February 8, 2008

they look great!
I have the same problem, except I have so far refused to spend gobs of mney for my son’s denims!

February 8, 2008

Ouch… I did spend an insane amount of money to get my daughter a skinny-ish jeans (no rhinestones, no cargo pockets etc.) before they became widely available from H&M… BUT, she did wear them sooo much, and now my baby son is wearing them, and they are SO cute! (I’m wondering if they will last much longer, they are completely faded on the knees from all the crawling!).
In that case, maybe Courtney can order me one from Old Navy. (WHEN is that shop going to ship to Europe???)

Jokelien in Cambridge
February 20, 2008

I love Gap jeans for my boys! I know they are expensive but so worth it as they last forever! Also they often sell them in the sale! Last sale I bought a pair that was way too big but I kept it in the drawer and now my oldest can finally wear it.

At every sale I buy various pairs for babies (boys and girls) and use them to send to Holland as baby presents!! Much appreciated!

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