The sun, the moon, and a little bit of magic…

A while ago we received this email from one of our readers with some old-fashioned, valuable advice:

I am not much able to contribute to the aspect of your site which touches upon being a mum and living a stylish lifestyle as I am afraid I must admit that I really am not tremendously stylish and am living the glorious life of being a mum on a shoe-string.
However I am not so poor or slovenly that I wish my baby son to go out into the big wide world covered in the demon orange blotches that spatter across his lovely white tops and hale from some carrot concoction I have fashioned whilst trying to improve my “good life” culinary skills.

I had been desperately trying every product on the market to remove these loathsome stains…and nothing short of bleach works, let me tell you. And it just doesn’t seem right to dip your baby’s clothes in bleach and then insist they wear them? However … upon touching base with the ‘elders’ in my family, I was advised that nothing other than sunlight and moonlight is required to lift these patches of orange hue!
‘Sunlight’ and ‘moonlight’ are not brands of washing up liquid as I had first thought!… Simply place soiled items of clothing on the line, outside in the day or on a clear night and it is absolutely true to say that the stains are gone in the morning!
Wonderful! (And free)!

Of course I felt that, before sharing this information with you, I should test it out myself to see if it really works. I had a cute, off-white Album di Famiglia top, which had some nasty stains on the front that didn’t want to come out. I tried it all: Vanish, washing it hot, everything. (It’s just that I paid too much for it in the first place that I couldn’t get myself to throw it away). I wasn’t sure if these stains were carrot, but hey – no harm in trying.

I left the top outside on the table, stains facing the sun/moon. But unfortunately the weather in the Netherlands hasn’t been fantastic lately, so after waiting for some sun and moon I completely forgot about the top… until I finally remembered the whole experiment yesterday. Unfortunately, the stains are still in place. Now, given the fact that I was unsure about the source of the stains, together with the miserable weather conditions in the Netherlands at the moment, I don’t think we can call this whole experiment very successful. I will have to try again another time – or do any of you know if this is really true?

xxx Esther


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February 7, 2008

I agree with the comment. I think the best bleach is natures own sun. The problem is trying to apply this theory on modern day living. It is one thing hanging out your wash in a sun lit field, it is another trying to hang something into the sunshine from a 5th floor apartment on a busy Parisian boulevard in February! I just managed to wash all of our white clothes with a black sock. All the clothes came out of the machine in a very unflattering gray shade. Then I decided to boil all the clothes and now they are not only gray but also shrunk and out of shape. So if anyone has any other great tips on keeping whites white, I am more than interested!

February 7, 2008

I’ve boiled clothes before and its worked beautifully (about 1/2 an hour). I guess they weren’t shrinkable clothes.

I’ve heard the sunlight theory a lot, as I used to work in a flower shop and the orange pollen from lilies stains the instant it touches your clothes (or hands!), but I’ve never tried it myself.

Shawn Fields
February 8, 2008

Try adding a couple of teaspoons of baking soda to your next loads of whites.

February 8, 2008

As far as I know the sunlight trick works with ‘natural’ stains, like indeed orange pollen from lilies. I once got rid of some very nasty yellow berry stains this way. I wonder now if yellow stains from poo disasters fall in the category of natural stains too. I have never tried…….

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