casa.jpgYes…that’s right this toy is pretty amasing! Happy Mais is made from natural GM-free corn starch material that is totally biodegradable, compostable and coloured with non-toxic food colouring. coccimulti.jpg
These little pieces (which remind me of cheese puffs) are really versatile. One can build flowers, animals, trains… just about anything. All you have to do is moisten two pieces of Happy Mais and stick them together. You can also cut them to get more defined shapes or smaller elements. The Happy Mais pieces also stick to other surfaces like glass, wood, cardboard or paper. And if you melt them in water you get a sort of watercolour paint.

My son received a box of Happy Mais for Christmas and he has been enjoying this new ecological toy a lot, even though his building skills are not great. What is also nice about this toy is that unless the pieces get really wet you can carefully detach them and use them again. How clever!
laghetto.jpgHappy Mais, produced by Ecotoys, is surprisingly Italian but it is also distributed in Spain, Greece and UK and Ireland.



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February 5, 2008

This looks so cool! I am sure my older son would LOVE this!!
Now… for the big question: Is it messy??

February 5, 2008

No it’s not, just moisten the little spopnge that is included in the pack and all you have to do is rub each piece on it… a little moist is enough to make them sticky. Too much water will melt them.

February 5, 2008

I saw it when we were visiting you guys! I wonder if I can find it in the Netherlands – it looks so cool!

February 5, 2008

This shop sells it, but it’s called PlayMais here:
Bandolino knutselen

February 5, 2008

I’m so happy you posted this. Ever since I saw the wonderful creations your big kiddo made, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some…thanks!v


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