Hearts will melt…

Melt ChocolatesFebruary is one of those months that really gets to me– these long, dark winters really make me question why I live in dreary ‘ol London. (I left sunny Los Angeles for THIS??). Thankfully, there’s Valentine’s Day to get me through it. (I’ll take any excuse to overindulge in chocolate, but Valentine’s Day is the best excuse of the year)!

Melt, a chocolate shop on Ledbury Road, is here to get me through this dark (and rainy) time. And this is not just any ‘ol chocolate shop–it is the crème de la crème of chocolatiers!

Melt’s chocolates are hand-made on the premises by award-winning chocolatiers and chefs. Their bonbons and truffles are divine! You can literally taste every unique ingredient in each of their chocolate concoctions. I have never had a chocolate from Melt that wasn’t amazing.

Melt Chocolate ShopThe shop is both trendy and beautiful, and the staff could not be nicer. It is the perfect stop-off during a busy shopping day in Notting Hill. I always go in for “just one” treat (a dark chocolate caramel…mmm), and walk out with a big bag of bonbons!

And here’s the best bit… if you have a chocolate-obsessed child (who is age 6 and up), they have the CUTEST kid’s hour on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. They’ll teach your kids everything they need to know about chocolate, including where the beans come from, how they get to the kitchen, and how the chocolate is melted, etc. They’ll give them a mini-cooking lesson, let them paint their own moulds, and then send them home with a sac filled with chocolate! It could not be any cuter.

I’m trying to figure out just how to convince them that my (nowhere-near-6-year-old) son is just really short for his age… 🙂



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February 1, 2008

Sooo, 6 years and up… There is no age limit @ the other side? 😉

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