An old-fashioned girl at heart

picture of little girl I have a guilty secret… though I consider myself a modern emancipated woman, I really enjoy knitting, embroidering and sewing! I just really get a sense of satisfaction when I see my little girl running around in something I made for her.

However, while I love doing it, I am not actually very good at it… I still rely on patterns and books to guide me, which means that I am constantly on a search for cute patterns. Turns out, however, that they are really difficult to find, (as most of them seem to have been designed in the ’80s). Sewing and knitting must be very passe…

However, I recently stumbled over a company who seem to have noticed that there was a gap in the market. Citronille is a small French company and their designs are super cute and easy to make. You can order the patterns from the entree des fournisseurs website (which, by the way, is one of my favourite shops here in Paris–full of the most beautiful ribbons and bottons).

They do deliver internationally but their website is unfortunately only in French…



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January 31, 2008

Too, too cute. I wish I had known about this company when my daughter was still a baby!
But they do have some cute patterns for boys – I might give it a go!

January 31, 2008

yes….. super cute!
I think I will try to sew a dress for number 2, some of the patterns seem easy (and my mum just bought a sewing machine).
and esther…. they do have patterns for little girls too, not just babies! (check the citronille site)

Mireille Dijkstra
February 1, 2008

Knitting & Crochet is very hot at the moment in Holland, so there are many site in Dutch where you can find nice patterns. Here are a few:
and this one has children clothing pattern really nice brand is Roos, you can buy those on Ebay as well, here is a link with a few very modern patterns for kids:
Sorry, all in Dutch ;-(
Hope you can read or at least you can see the pictures.
Enjoy, Mireille

Victoria Denyer
February 1, 2008

These are lovely – how does the sizing come up compared to the UK? I haven’t knitted in ages but would like to do something for Caspar, I see something in size 2 and 4, but not sure how small 2 is…Caspar’s not big but anything from Petit Bateau is totally too small for him, if you buy the “right age”…..

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