Early teenager?

When I first met my niece and nephew (after meeting my husband), they were roughly the age my children are now – sweet little toddlers– sooo adorable! I liked getting them little presents – cute toys, clothes, candy, etc. Anything would do, as they were at the age where every present was encountered with the same enthusiasm, over and over again!
Gift-giving has unfortunately become harder and harder now that they are at an age (ten and eight) that is in-between kids and teenagers. Presents are easily considered childish or not cool enough… Which is definitely making my life more difficult!
Browsing this wonderful shop, Cox & Cox, I came across some great ideas for upcoming birthdays/holidays:

Magic InkLook at this ‘magic ink’! With this old-fashioned pen & ink (which is cool to start with), one can write invisible messages! How cool is that? Only when the paper is warmed up slightly (hair-dryer or light bulb) the message will appear. (Ink is non-toxic).

I am sure this will be a great hit with my nephew, who is starting to be a very good writer! (Although I am sure his big sister would be very interested as well – if not his aunt)! 😉

Twister beach towelAnother cool gift idea for ‘early teenagers’ is this Twister Beach Towel! I know a beach towel is probably the last thing you have in mind right now (unless you are very luckily residing in another part of the world!) – but really, I think this is brilliant. I love Twister.
The thing is, maybe I never really outgrew this ‘early teenager’ phase; I would love any of these presents for myself as well! (How long now until my birthday, girls)??

xxx Esther


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January 30, 2008

That webshop- Cox&Cox is sooo cute! (How funny- I had bookmarked it in my favourites already)! 🙂

January 30, 2008

Funny! Me too, I just received my box of goodies this morning that I ordered 2 days ago with them (fantastic service). I bought as a present the same ink and and also the alphabet stamps are great for a bit smaller children or to make thank you notes etc. I also got my son the original TIM flying bird that can fly up to 50 yards, great little fun toy for in the park/garden! They also sell beautiful wrapping paper & ribbons!

January 30, 2008

You seem to follow my mind. We’ve got Twister at home!

And sent it for Chrismas (was meant to be a joke) to my 18 & 19 year old nephew and niece in France: They & their friends LOVED it!

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