Donna Wilson’s creatures

January 28, 2008

I’m having one of those days where I wish I had a real job– a job away from home. I wish I could leave these two boys (especially the 2-year-old) at home with my husband while I dash off to an office (a kid-free zone) and have a little peace and quiet. Sometimes (and I know I shouldn’t be complaining), I really hate my husband’s job… and really for no other reason but that it means he leaves me with these two monsters from 9:30 to 7 every day… aaagghh!

Donna Wilson’s creatures

But there is something sort of handy about his job (apart from the obvious, of course)… like when he came home the other night and told me about Donna Wilson’s Designs!

Donna Wilson has created character designs for my husband’s animation company in the past, but is mostly famous for her knitted creatures !

They’re all a bit, um, weird… or, to quote my son, “a bit crazy-looking!” Weird, but charming all the same. And apparently they have quite the personality– all the creatures come with a little description: Ginge likes kisses and cherry cola, but dislikes thunder and lightning. Charlie likes standing out in a crowd, loves cheese and biscuits, but dislikes loud noises. Olive is very small but has a large voice, loves keeping an eye on things, but dislikes flashing lights. You get the gist…

Courtney likes red wine and dark chocolate, loves Donna Wilson’s creatures and this site that sells them, but dislikes it when her husband goes to work…



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January 28, 2008

Hahaha, this post cracked me up, and I can relate to every word of it! Today we had a sprinkling of snow and the schools here closed (as usual) so I was freaking out that Betty’s school was closed. Literally almost having a meltdown that she’d be here all day. Thank god I got the phone call that they were open-I seriously jumped for joy and yelled YES! Problem is, what am I doing with my free day-cleaning the house, laundry, bills, etc….oh how I too long for a job at times!

January 28, 2008

these characters are super cute, I really like their design!

January 28, 2008

I know, how wonderful it should be to go to a QUIET office, where you can sit down behind a DESK with a keyboard that still has all the KEYS to it. And – the opportunity to go to the toilet without knowing there will be a child crawling / walking through the door in less than a minute!! (Sometimes I am mean and close the door of the bathroom – this only amounts in more stress – 2 screaming children in front of the door while I am trying to have some time for myself!)
Oh – I love the puppets!

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