Make your own caterpillar

A while ago I made this caterpillar with my toddler. She truly considers it to be her own creation, not only because she laid out the circles forming the caterpillar herself (we had been practising before with little balls of play-do), she also decorated it with blue paint.

Just cut 10 circles (the size of a small hand) from 2 shades of green paper (if you pile them up before cutting them you’ll save some time 😉 ). Let your child arrange the ‘segments’ into a caterpillar shape. Glue circles together. Glue on legs (as a caterpillar is an insect, it has six little legs!) and let your child decorate the caterpillar with blue paint. Glue on eyes, nose and antennae last.

I like ours so much that it has been decorating the house for months now, and I am thinking about having it framed!

xxx Esther


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January 9, 2008

That is sooo cute. You are so crafty!
Thanks for the inspiration!

January 9, 2008

i does look so nice, we’ll make one soon…. next rainy weekend!

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