The other night we were at a friend’s place and my son discovered a new toy.

elefun02.jpgElefun, a game from Hasbro, is a motorised plastic elephant that has a fan in its body to blow fabric butterflies out of its 1 meter high trunk and into the air. Each player, equipped with his or her own butterfly net, has to catch as many butterflies as possible. The lightweight fabric used for the butterflies allows them to pop out of the trunk and seemingly flutter about. Kids will have a blast trying to catch butterflies in their nets or scoop them off the ground when they land.

My son had a great time, although his ability to catch butterflies was somehow limited. My impression is that kids of different ages can play together and really enjoy it!



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January 8, 2008

It sounds like a brilliant game for a (kids) party!

January 11, 2008

Arianna was given this elephant as a x-mas present last year and she likes to play with it a lot. I always make sure that there is a adult around to pick up the butterflies and put them back in the elephant, so it won’t be me!!

But still I always find little butterflies here and there in the house….

You can make some more butterflies from paper if you like!

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