Oliebollen and Fireworks

OliebollenIn the Netherlands, old year’s eve is usually celebrated at home with friends. Board games are played, a comic show is watched and loads of oliebollen are consumed. (Free translation of oliebollen = oil balls; sounds good, don’t you think? They’re basically like donuts and taste darn good)! Of course a decent amount of alcohol is consumed as well – to make the board games more entertaining and the comic show really amusing.

At 10 to twelve everybody starts staring at the television for the official countdown. At twelve, we all wish each other a Happy New Year (accompanied by the traditional Dutch 3 kisses) and the champagne is opened. At that moment, the guys run outside with their glass of champagne and bag of fireworks. At New Year, all the guys smoke big cigars – to light the fireworks. The women and children follow the men on the streets to admire the guys and their fireworks.
(Of course each year there are a couple of awful accidents involving the fireworks. The Dutch government doesn’t hide this from us – in fact, every year we see the pictures of people with missing body-parts around us on billboards and campaigns on television. This doesn’t keep us at all from lighting the fireworks, in fact, I suspect it makes it even more exciting)!

On the streets, all the neighbours are pouring each other champagne (so don’t bother getting the most expensive one, it will be mixed up anyway) and wishing each other a Happy New Year. It’s usually a really enjoyable time! After, everybody goes either clubbing (Before Children), or back home.

I like to be in the Netherlands for Old Year’s Eve…
Have a great night!!

xxx Esther


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December 31, 2007

Of course in Italy we get fireworks too, and every year on the first of January when you listen to the news to get to hear the medical bullettin of all the injured. Typically it happens because this people were handling illegal fireworks. The best place for fireworks it is Naples (neber been there on the 31st, jsut saw it on the television) where they also throw old stuff out of the window to represent the passage to the new year. You have to watch over your head, people throw plates and glasses… but also dishwashers!!!

January 2, 2008

In that case you’ll surely have a headache the next day!!!

January 12, 2008

Do you have the recipe for Oliebollen? They sound yummy!!
And why is it called ‘old’ year’s eve??

January 15, 2008

You had them before when you were in Amsterdam! They sold them in one of the stands one the street… You thought they were yummie!
For the recipe: we typically get a ready made mix here, but on the internet I found this recipe (the website also sells the mix, in case you’re lazy!):

January 29, 2008

[…] the fresh pasta), which are little balls of fried dough, somehow reminiscent of doughnut holes or oliebollen. Once cooked they are rolled in caster sugar and can be filled with jam, pastry cream, chocolate or […]

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