Money and lentils

zampone5.jpgTonight Italians will sit down with friends and family to enjoy a multi-course dinner and welcome the new year. Depending on the region, on the menu there will be fish or meat, some will have dinner at home, some at restaurants. What all these dinners will have in common is the Italian good luck dish (that is often served after the champagne toast at midnight): zampone and lenticchie.
Zampone is stuffed pig’s trotter which is simmered for hours and it’s served with lentils that are supposed to bring loads of money for the New Year. The money promise is often enough to convince even the kids to eat at least a spoonful of them!

Enjoy your dinner and Happy New Year!



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December 31, 2007

Next year I will serve lentils instead of oliebollen. I’d rather be rich than fat!!!

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