Breastfeeding in public

I deeply believe in the benefit of breastfeeding, and actually enjoy it. Unfortunately I live in a city that doesn’t make life easy for breastfeeding mums.
There are very few public places that have a mum&baby room worthy of that name and where it’s possible to breastfeed while out and about. There aren’t any Starbucks, or places with comfy sofa chairs, (and Ikea is out in the suburbs- so that is out of the question)!

In London I had no problem breasfeeding in cafes or in a pub garden, because so many other people were doing it! Here, hardly anybody breastfeeds outside the privacy of their homes. This means we are home a lot, and are only allowed exits of 3 or 4 hours.
There is no way I’ll spend most of my maternity leave at home; I want to be able to go shopping, go out for lunch, or to go see an exhibition. And I want to breastfeed. And I do not want to be stared at.

Mamaway Breastfeeding TopsSo I was really happy when I read on Babygadget about Mamaway breastfeeding tops. Their motto is “nursing in comfort, discretion and style.”
And it’s true! I ordered two long-sleeved tops, and used them immediately. They look nice and have very well-hidden (but still functional and easy to access) nursing openings. The price is reasonable and they ship worldwide!


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January 28, 2008

I can completely relate. I recently learned about the wonderful Bebe Au Lait (otherwise known as Hooter Hider) nursing covers. My friends and family who have used them just rave about how easy public breastfeeding is now. The link is

March 4, 2008

[…] I have written in a previous post, I want to breastfeed my baby on the go even in a city that offers virtually no mum&baby rooms […]

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