Learning French without French Class

Little PimEver since that blasted day at French Class when my wallet was stolen, we have stopped going to class. (I hate that mall). Sadly, my son really misses it. And the few French words he knows are not doing much for him these days (unless, of course, he wants to ask for a raisin…)

Thankfully, as I was surfing one of my favorite sites, Cool Mom Picks, I came across the perfect solution: foreign language DVDs for your kids! The Little Pim videos are designed for babies and toddlers. (Apparently kids under the age of 6 are most capable of soaking up different languages). Their unique method combines immersion and repetition with animation (a cute little panda named Pim), and images of children engaged in everyday activities. The videos are now available in French, Spanish and Mandarin, but nine additional languages are soon to be released (including Enlgish- which, I thought, would be good for your Italian, Dutch and French-speaking children)!

I just bought the Little Pim: Playtime DVD in French, which promises to teach my son more than 60 new French words!
Much easier than dragging my 2 children to French class every Wednesday, (and cheaper too)!

Oh- and it’s an American company (think $$$s), but they ship worldwide!


thanks Cool Moms!


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December 18, 2007

Such a great idea – I think I need one too! And such a cute name :-)!

December 19, 2007

Can’t wait for you and the kids to come to Paris and try out your new-found French skills!

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