H&M, again!

side-snap bodysuitsWe all know that dressing a newborn can be tricky! That’s why side-snap bodysuits are so useful. Unfortunately not all the brands have them in their range, they can be quite expensive, and your baby may only wear them for a few weeks (newborn size especially). On the other hand, if you buy cheaper ones they may not even last this little time.

At H&M you don’t have to compromise! They sell side-snap bodysuits in packs of two for 7.99 euros. One is solid colour, the other is stripy and they come in pastel colours: blue, pink, green and yellow. Good quality cotton that can be washed at 60°! What more do we want for those first few weeks?



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December 17, 2007

I always find that H&M bodysuits are a bit too wide for my babies. I like the price at H&M, but I prefer the fit of the onesies at Petit Bateau! (And if you plan of having a few children, you can justify the price knowing that they will be worn over and over again)!

December 17, 2007

I had never bought H&M onesies before and I love Petit Bateau, but thought that I would try to save money on the “1 month” size… they are not wide at all. Maybe is the side snap version a bit tighter?

December 17, 2007

It’s true that H&M bodies used to be quite wide – I agree with Courtney on Petit Bateau… (I must say that my babies are SUPER skinny!) – but the ones in the picture above don’t look wide at all! Maybe H&M changed their policy: good news! And they look really cute!

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