More beanbags!

Well, this proves that there is a lot to write about beanbags. (The third post already)! Though these ones aren’t for sitting on…

kushi-2.jpgI bought these 12 tiny beanbags in NY about two years ago and they are a favourite in my family. The baby loves the different colors, texture and feel of them (they are filled with little rice grains). My 2-year-old loves stacking them (and tumbling them down, of course). I like making funny little guys or animals out of them. And we really like the way they look too! They are called Kushies Zolo Beanstax, and easily available in the US (unfortunately difficult to find in Europe, but this  American store, Babesta, ships to Europe – and stocks more of the cute Zolo range)!



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May 27, 2008

[…] set of teethers and toys that link together. Like so many of the Kushies-Zolo toys (including the Beanstax Esther has written about), they are just so cool. They are unfortunately not that easy to find here […]

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