London’s Transport Museum has reopened!

London Transport Museum BusLiving in London BC (before children), I was able to visit the many museums this city has to offer. (Aaaahhh… free time! I have almost forgotten the meaning of the term).

Back in those (more cultural) days, I visited the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, which gives a very detailed history of London’s public transportation. The museum takes you through time and shows you how vehicles have developed to their modern-day form. On display is an original steam locomotive from the 1800s, horse-drawn trams, London’s first motor bus, and an electric trolley bus from the 1930s.

What it really is… is a kid’s heaven! (They have a variety of hands-on exhibits for kids, and allow children to climb aboard the vehicles and even sit in the driver’s seats).

After being closed down for the past two years for refurbishment and redesign, the museum has just recently launched its new exhibit. (Still kid-friendly and loads of fun)!

I know one train-obsessed toddler who would love for his mummy to feel like being cultural again…

(Admission is free to kids under 16)



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