Mums deserve respect, wherever, whenever and whatever!

BUT… I must admit that being a new mother of two, (who benefits from her own mother’s help at different moments during the day), I now have the utmost respect for expat moms who have neither family around nor hired help. This job is tough!

My mum, who lives in the same building, comes to my flat when I have to take #1 to the nursery, allowing me to leave the baby snugly wrapped up in her moses basket. Then she comes again at bath time, when everybody is cranky and tired. She is also available for emergencies during the day. Her presence and help allow me to be relaxed and in-control (which I love and need!) even two weeks after the birth.

I know that, in case of need, I always manage to dig out strength and resources that I may not even know I have, but in these last few days I have been thinking a lot about Courtney, Esther, Emilie and all my other expat mom friends who have managed to do without help (or much of it) and make it all seem easy!

Well done, you are great!



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December 13, 2007

It is true- having TWO kids really does do your mind in! And not having family around makes it even worse.
It’s funny because the first three months of my second baby’s life, I felt like my head was spinning. But I kept reminding myself that Esther was coping (and making it look easy, so I could do this too). It’s funny how it always seems easy when someone else is doing it, but when it’s you- it’s a whole different story.
It’s tough no matter what though… but SOOO rewarding!

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