What exactly are pancakes? In America they are thick and small and eaten for breakfast in stacks – the higher the stack the cooler the cowboy! In France they are called crêpes and are very large, thin and delicate and eaten for lunch or a Pancakessnack from one of the little street stands. (This makes me wonder… Michela, is there such a thing as an Italian pancake)??

In Holland, ‘pannekoeken’ are the size of an average frying pan, and are a bit thicker than a crêpe but thinner than American pancakes. Traditionally they are eaten for dinner, usually after the traditional Dutch pea soup called ‘snert’, with a variety of savoury (bacon&syrup, cheese&paprika) or sweet (apple, banana, icing sugar, sugar syrup, confiture) toppings. It’s a children’s favourite.

We just discovered a restaurant called Pancakes!, which serves, well, pancakes (in all different varieties) and is conveniently located in the center of the ‘nine streets’ in Amsterdam (a little shopping delight for the ones who don’t know it yet)! They have highchairs (I counted at least three) and a children’s menu that comes with a little surprise. Might your little one get bored after all, a toy-box filled with books, toys and games is present, or the staff can provide crayons and paper. There’s a microwave for warming up milk. And they also cater children’s (birthday) parties – age 4 years and up!



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December 13, 2007

I think you should put up a recipe for your dutch pancakes! I LOVED them when you made them for us when we were visiting!

December 13, 2007

We use a sort of crepe in savoury dishes, filled with ricotta and spinach or mushroom and ricotta and then cover them with besciamel sauce (they’re called crespelle)
But I’m not sure it’s really an italian dish, possibly we borrowed it from France?
But it also could be that in some regional cuisine we have some form of pancakes, I’m not aware of them…. but who knows, italian regional cuisines are full of surprises!

Tracy Stewart
January 15, 2014

We visited pancakes! When we came to amsterdam and I will definitely recommend it. Fantastic service and of course pancakes! Xx

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