Mommy makeover? Not my cup of tea.

During the summer, while I was halfway through pregnancy #2, I was already thinking about the months and months it would take me to regain my already less than perfect figure after the birth.

It’s then that I started joking with my husband that what I wanted this time as a gift, instead of a diamond ring (because this was going to be the request), was a mommy makeover!

It consists of a package of plastic surgeries that concentrate on the problem areas of women who have just given birth (tummy tuck, boob job, some liposuction). I heard about it in some “highly intellectual” progam on E! and figured it was another Hollywood fad.

Apparently it’s more than that; the trend has crossed the Atlantic and it’s now huge in the UK as well. Needless to say, it’s surgery, so it involves the usual risks.

What I feel it is not very ethical is that its marketing addresses women in a period of their life when they often feel inadequate and vulnerable in any case. The advertising puts pressure on women to act even before their body has had a chance to go back to normal on its own. With older mothers this adjustment takes longer than with younger ones.

The matter is of course controversial, and everybody may feel differently toward the issue … like with any plastic surgery.

On my part, I think that in a year’s time when I’m walking around holding the hands of my two precious kids, I will feel very proud, even if my body will show some (or many) signs of the two pregnancies.

Oh… and the new ring will help me feel better too! 🙂



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December 11, 2007

Wow! Are woman not allowed to be showing the signs of age or pregnancies anymore? Crazy. I totally agree, Michela, I feel proud too. The fact that I have carried around 2 children in my belly for a total of 18 months and that I have breastfed them each for 10 months – it’s ME, my body that did that, and it makes me really really proud!

March 21, 2008

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