A bit of an indulgence

Agent Provocateur Maternity BraI recently did a bit of extra freelance work… and what did I decide to do with that little bit of extra cash? Buy my husband a new jumper? Nope, he has got a least two and he likes them old and with holes. Buy my daughter a new toy? Nope, the child has more than enough toys.
In my quest to stay stylish during my pregnancy, I decided to spoil myself and splash out on a bright pink Agent Provocateur maternity bra!

I know it is a bit extravagant to spend around 100 euros on a maternity bra, but I feel like I deserve it. It is the only time in my whole life I am going to be an F cup and this is the only bra I have found on the whole maternity bra market that gives me great cleavage! (I’m baffled that humans have been able to walk on the moon, but yet almost no one has been able to design a sexy maternity bra). That is until Serena Rees from Agent Provocateur became pregnant herself and realised that there was an urgent need for one.

Though there aren’t that many Agent Provocateur boutiques in Europe (the first one in Paris recently opened in Printemps), you can order online from their website and they will deliver all over Europe.

So all my money is spent. None of my loved ones are profiting from it, but I don’t feel too frumpy anymore….



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December 6, 2007

I think this is definitely something your husband will be profiting from! 🙂 he he…
I’m quite impressed with your pregnancy style. (It must be the stylish French in you…)

December 6, 2007

well done!
it looks really good.
I actually did without maternity bras this time around. I have bras in any size given how long it took me to go back to my normal weight after the first pregnancy!

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