Elias and Grace is on-line!

Elias and Grace collageMy husband calls it a “money pit”- (he’s the one who reviews the bills), but I just can’t resist it. If I even stroll past the shop window, I’m hooked in. They quite possibly have the cutest range of children and baby clothes in London.

Elias and Grace is located on the main strip in Primrose Hill. They stock all my favorite brands: Simple Kids, Quincy, Maan, Album di Famiglia, Petit Bateau, kid’s Levis, Pepe Shoes, etc. etc.

Don’t have a babysitter? Don’t worry. They have a basket of toys in the back to keep your kiddies entertained (the train track could keep my son busy for hours). In addition to all of this, they have an entire downstairs stocked with trendy women’s clothes and stylish maternity pieces. (Emilie- you would go crazy down there)!

Want the best news of all? Even if you don’t live in London, (girls, are you listening?), you can shop at their brand new on-line store! (Don’t tell your husbands I told you).



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October 23, 2008

[…] know I’ve already written about Elias and Grace — the kid’s clothing shop in Primrose Hill, but it’s definitely […]

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