H&M School Uniform

When my toddler started nursery school this fall (and came home covered in paint, glue, mud, food, etc.), I decided that his wardrobe needed a redress. Cashmere jumpers are just not ideal- (who has time to hand-wash anymore)?? Actually, let’s face it- anything even slightly expensive is NOT a good idea. The cheaper, the better.

So I went on a search: I wanted cheap, but not cheaply made.

And I found it at H&M! You have to be really selective- (avoid the ubiquitous tacky slogans and flashy logos), but H&M sells a few items that have now become staples in BOTH my boys’ closets!

H&M Stripey Tees

These long-sleeved stripey tees are not only good-fitting and cute, but they’re really good quality, and you can wash them at 60 degrees, (which will surely get rid of those nasty paint stains)! They’re irresistibly cheap. At only £4.99 a pop (for kids 1-8) and £2.99 for babies, you could buy one in every color and for all your children (and still not spend as much as one cashmere jumper)! 🙂

The only shame is that you can’t shop on-line, (which means braving the crowds and sorting through the bad to find the good).

But I did just see on their website that on-line shopping is available in some countries. Amsterdam is one of them! Lucky Esther…



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December 3, 2007

I love those H&M’s T-shirts – they can be washed over and over again, 60 degrees as Court said, and they stay in perfect shape. And thanks Court for pointing out the news that I can now shop online for them!!

December 5, 2007

I love H&M. These little children just grow and grow and only wear some of their outfits a hand full of times. It is so nice to be able to dress them in something funky that doesn’t break the bank.

December 5, 2007

This winder Arianna (3 1/2) has had almost all of her nursery cloths from H & M and I am very happy with them and happy to know that others had the same idea with me!

They are good value for money!

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