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Impress Rubber StampsIt’s that time of year again… Holidays. Can you believe it?

And thus, time to pick out my holiday cards! (Is this just an American tradition, or do the Europeans do it too)??  Every year of my childhood (and even still now), my parents would send out personalized holiday cards, with a photo of their 5 charming children, to all their friends, family, colleagues, etc.

And so now that I have (charming) children of my own, I feel obliged to send out the traditional holiday card.  (And you all know me- I love this sort of thing)!

I had chosen the photo. All I needed was the card.  I could send out personalized holiday cards (with photo mounted on top), which costs around $550 (for 150 cards). OR, I could order the generic boxed holiday greeting cards (which is what I did last year, and I still spent almost $500).  Ordering holiday cards is easy:  you just go to Crane and choose your selection. (I’m always a fan of their stationery, and their website is straight-forward and good). Perfect… if you’re not on a budget!

Sooo… what to do, what to DO?!

Actually, I thought, what would Esther do? (She’s always so crafty and very good at saving money- must be a dutch thing)!

Here’s my brilliant idea: I decided to make my holiday cards! (Now, before you think that I must be insane for taking on such a project while juggling my 2 kids, listen up)!  I went to Impress Rubber Stamps where you can order custom-made stamps with a personalized image or holiday greeting!  All you have to do is choose the size of your stamp, then e-mail them your greeting, and then voila- they send you your stamp! (I also ordered one with my return address, which will make it easier to address the envelopes)!

This is what I’m thinking: nice thick paper, photo on top, personalized holiday greeting stamped on back. TaDa! Cute, easy… AND cheap!  I spent $17.50 for the holiday greeting stamp, and the return address stamp was $13.50.  I’ll probably spend another $50 on the paper and envelopes, so in total, I’ll spend around $100, (which is only 50 pounds)!  Esther, are you proud of me, or what?!

And here’s the best bit: they deliver EVERYWHERE and accept European credit cards!



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November 13, 2007

I’m SO proud of you! Love the idea, and might steal it someday!

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