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When #2 arrives in a couple of weeks, she will bring a present to #1. The present will be a wooden bike that I have been meaning to buy for my dear son since his 2nd birthday. I didn’t buy it back then because people at the shop told me that, being a short 2 year-old, the bike would be too big. Now 6 months have gone by and it seems the right time.

My problem was… which bike to choose.  In a bike shop in the centre of Milan, they sell the like-a-bike  , that costs 189 euros.


BUT in two of the nicest toys shops I know (where, for example, they sell plan toys, sigikid stuffed animals, mini-micro scooters, schleich animals) they sell this other bike that costs 49.50 euros!


I was (and still am) a bit surprised about such a price difference, so I went to the bike shop and asked one of the salesmen to explain to me why the like-a-bike is 4 times the price of  the other wooden bike sold at very reputable toy stores. His reply was that the difference was in some details and finishing but nothing major or structural.

I (we) decided that the bikes may not differ substantially, but their prices do… so #2 will save some money and bring the less expensive bike to #1! 😉



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November 12, 2007

How funny! That’s what our #2 brought to #1 when he arrived!
It is his FAVORITE thing in the world! He rides it everywhere we go!
(And he has the like-a-bike. Wish I would have known about the cheaper version). 🙂

December 3, 2007

where did you get the non-likeabike? I need to buy one as a present but can’t afford the real thing…. any suggestions? Preferably in the centre (Porta ticinese/Sant’Ambrogio/Duomo area)

December 4, 2007

you can find it in “la Citta’ del Sole”, there is one in Via Orefici between Duomo and Cordusio.
Or…you can buy online.

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