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Lost and FoundI have become a little bit obsessed. First I started with one, and then we bought another, and then we had to have ALL of them. And now I’ve decided we should get them ALL in hardback! Yes, it’s children’s books I’m talking about. But not just any children’s books; I’m obsessed with one author/illustrator in particular: Oliver Jeffers.

My husband (being an artist himself) first discovered one of his books in a book store just because he was drawn to his illustrations. But not only are his drawings so endearing, his stories are clever, sweet and very original.

Our favorite is Lost and Found , about a boy and a penguin, and we also love How to Catch a Star . They are my son’s favorite books. A definite must at bedtime!

We have become SO obsessed, that we even bought a few prints from his website, where he sells and displays a collection of his work.

AND.. as if his talent wasn’t enough to have me hooked… he’s also really, really cute! (I saw photos on line). I’m truly obsessed! Wink, wink.  I think you girls would really like him. (Despite your taste in men)! he he…



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November 9, 2007

That so bizarre. I saw this guy’s illustrations on a magazine in Ireland a couple of weeks ago and they really stood out, but I couldn’t find his name anywhere. I was telling my uncle that I would love to see something animated in this style!!!

November 9, 2007

How funny! I’m glad you thought his stuff is cool as well! And he is from Northern Ireland, so it makes sense that you saw his stuff there!

November 9, 2007

We love him too!!!

I checked, ‘Lost and found’ is translated in Dutch and called ‘Laat mij niet alleen’, ISBN-13: 9789025954994 (see http://www.zoekkinderboek.nl/kinderboeken/9789025954994/laat_mij_niet_alleen.html).

December 1, 2007

He also has a couple of his books translated in Spanish…perfect for our household.

September 10, 2008

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October 31, 2008

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