Super Porridge!

November 2, 2007

Plum Baby Super PorridgeAs the mother of a 6-month old (who LOVES to eat), I can tell you that I am becoming quite baby-food savvy. Babycook?… Check! Fresh fruit and vegetables?…. check! Baby rice?… NO!

I’ve found the superior alternative to plain ‘ol baby rice. It’s called Four Grain Super Porridge, and it’s JUST that! A mix of four (organic) grains: quinoa, wholegrain rice, wholegrain millet, and amaranth.

It’s one of Plum Baby’s brilliant concoctions. (They also make a four grain super porridge with plum and banana and another one with apple and apricot.)

In addition to its nutritional advantages, I also think it mixes into fruit and veg purees easier than simple baby rice, and the consistency of the porridge on its own is also smoother and easier for babies to eat.

My baby loves it, and I love that he’s eating loads of whole grains!

Check out Plum Baby’s website for more info and where-to-buy.



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November 6, 2007

This porridge sounds great. Ocado now stocks also a favourite of mine, the entire selection of Holle ( porridges. They’re organic and really yummy, italian weaning is unthinkable without this stuff!

April 21, 2009

This porridge is great! so are the new oaty porridges from organix, holle and peter rabbit all of which are available for purchase on our website with fast and reliable home delivery

September 24, 2009

I found a problem with ready made items when my boy turned 1 and a half he would only eat the proccessed stuff not home made and found it a real struggle getting him to eat home cooked food. It took me months to get him to try my cooking and now lucky he eats what he is given Thank god ! 🙂

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