Old Navy CostumeAs an American living in London, I don’t usually cling defiantly to my roots and flaunt my “American-ness”. It’s not that I’m ashamed. It’s more like I’m trying to fit in among the general (more reserved) British public.

But today is an exception. Today is Halloween! The fantastic American (Hallmark) Holiday where every American child dresses up and goes out “trick-or-treating”. (Yes, the Brits have made a respectable go of catching on to the American tradition, but it’s simply not the same here).

In America, you don’t have to ask where the trick-or-treating neighborhood is; every neighborhood is a trick-or-treater’s paradise: houses decorated, pumpkins lit, bowls of candy waiting for little hands to dig in.

But alas, it is Halloween and we are NOT in America! We are in London. So, what do you do with your two children on this fine day?

First: You order your costumes from the states. (I spent hours searching on-line for something decent in this country, and I simply can’t find anything). The best costumes (for children under 5) are found at www.oldnavy.com. They are cheap (especially if you get them in September for surprisingly huge discounts) and they are well-made, cozy, and oh-so cute! (See photo above).

Secondly: You take your children over to the lovely Kensington neighborhoods where the Americans (and obliging British) live. Head to Palace Gardens Terrace (and the surrounding streets) or Upper Phillimore Gardens (and the surrounding neighborhood). Nearly every house will have their lights on and decorations up!

My two boys both have terrible head-colds, and what they DON’T need is to spend two hours out in the cold. But we are American, after all, and we will be there tonight!

Happy Halloween!



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October 31, 2007

It’s indeed a lovely tradition, and very exciting for kids!
Unfortunately in big cities where most people live in apartment blocks it’s not as easy to go trick-or-treating.

On the other side, I’d love to shop at Old Navy… but you need at least a US credit card, if not even a US address!

October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!! Have fun tonight! We wish we could be there!!!

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