Summer Hats

Over here in Paris we have been having an insane sun wave. We cannot believe our luck! The French, pessimists at the best of times, are telling me that this means that it is going to rain all summer. I am happily ignoring them and getting myself and my girls ready to face the glorious sunshine. My kids have inherited my addiction of wearing hats in all shapes and sizes (maybe learnt behavior?) so I have been doing some research and here are some of my favourites:

I love this classic little straw hat with a simple pink ribbon by L’Esprit de Luna Rose, the cute little denim baker boy cap by Urban Elk which is great for girls and boys, the original shape of the Bobo Choses Hat with the cute little cherries on it, the cheap and cheerful straw hat from HM, the super cool star studded cap from Zef and finally the sunny cap by Stella MacCartney Kids.

Now the big question is: which one to choose!

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