Snooshy is the new style doll that is hand knit from 100% Tibetan yak wool. It’s seriously way cool. Not only because of his looks, but also because of his fashionable outfits! Made from offcuts of the fashion industry, Snooshy’s clothes are 100% recycled. And all the sets are one-of-a-kind, so you won’t know what you’re gonna get, just that it will be fun and fashionable, and fair trade made! It’s also fairly easy for bigger kids to sew clothes for their own Snooshy and start a collection like that — my daughter has a sewing machine on her wish-list for Christmas so she can start sewing clothes for her Snooshy!
Snooshy and the clothing sets are available in boy or girl varieties from the Snooshy webshop (or check the website for worldwide retailers).

xxx Esther


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Courtney in London
December 9, 2010

They’re so cool!

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