Flat Out a cozy cuddle!

I didn’t realise when I first saw the pictures, that Flatout bears are really… flat! They are made out of 100% super soft Australian sheepskin and because they are so soft and flexible (and flat) they’re the perfect cozy cuddle for any little lady or lad. And they also look super cute!! They are available in seven beautiful, natural colours and come in a large size and a baby version. Available through VUPbaby.
xxx Esther


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December 6, 2010

Anyone seen these lately in Paris? I know that were at le Bon Marché a couple years back, but haven’t seen them since. My 16 month old is kissing the computer while screaming “doudou”! I think she wants one.

December 6, 2010

What about that rug, the baby is lying on? From which brand it is? I loooove it!

Esther in Amsterdam
December 6, 2010

Hi Katerine, I don’t know about Paris, but VUPbaby ships international and really fast and reliable!
And Kellie, that baby is Ava, laying on my new living room rug. It’s braided felt; pretty, don’t you think? It’s from Dutch brand Funiture.

December 6, 2010

The bear is cute and I also love the rug

Emilie in Paris
December 6, 2010

The love the cute baby, the great rug and that doudou!

Courtney in London
December 7, 2010

Cute! (Both the baby AND the bear!) And a nice new rug too…

Jane in Paris
January 20, 2015

Colette in Paris sells similar Australian sheepskin bears by Elks & Angels

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