Safe to be polished, with Priti Princess

priti polishThings change when you become a mum.  You start behaving differently — you suddenly do things that you’ve previously thought you’d never do.  Like changing a nappy in public. Or buying loads of pink for your little girl.  Or letting them sleep in your bed. Or letting them use make-up.
I think if you had told me 3 years ago that I would allow my nearly-5-year-old girl to use nail polish, I would have fainted.  How vulgar!


At least the nail polish my daughter has is completely non-toxic and safe for children, and the nail polish remover I use on her tiny nails is completely soy and corn based (infused with coconut, soybean esters, and essential lemongrass oils).  No nasty aceton, no petroleum… And 100% biodegradable!
Both are from Priti NYC, a NY-based company that aims to decrease the amount of chemicals poisoning the earth and supports organic farmers. Check it out, they also have over 100 colours of grown-up nail polish available.

Through fabulous eco-boutique Shak Shuka (ships worldwide).

xxx Esther



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1. Joslyn | March 29, 2010 | Reply

These polishes are hands-down (pun intended) the best and safest around. Fun fact is that the girls sparkly colors of polish actually glow in the dark!

2. Esther | March 29, 2010 | Reply

I read that, but I didn’t notice it yet — will check next time our daughter and I play with the nail polish!
I really love the nail polish remover too, it’s the best!

3. Kenza | April 6, 2010 | Reply

Now that’s great!!!! How funny, my 4 year old daughter wants to use nail polish these days! Apart from getting emotional beacause I didn’t think she would start asking for nail polish so early, I also felt guilty at the idea of using toxic nail polish + remover on her little fingers. Priti NYC is the solution, then…. Thanks!
Esther, would you mind getting in touch with me, I have something to ask you (a favour actually!) Thank you very much.