Egg Heads

DSC_0048Last Easter we decided to make some Egg Heads with the mustard & cress seeds we got in our lunchbox from Kew Gardens.  Now I’m not in any way saying this was an innovative idea — most of you probably grew some of these little men/women yourself as children.  But for some reason my childhood missed this particular activity… something I now plan to take up with my Mum and Dad as it is a reaallllllly cool thing to do!

I am not the slightest bit green-fingered and manage to kill all plants/greenery in my care (even cacti have a hard time living in our house and my husband doesn’t understand why I still buy herbs in pots as they always die within days), but mustard and cress are stubborn little plants and grow despite a lack of due care and attention.  And they grow very quickly so you see results on a daily basis — appealing to my impatient nature.

So if you never made egg-creatures as a child then I urge you to take this eggcellent (terrible – I know!) holiday as an opportunity to  redeem your deprived childhood just as I did. Your kids will love it too! Here’s how to make them:

DSC_0159-Crack an opening at the top of the egg and get rid of the contents (cake? omlette? – Mmmmm!).

-Now wash out and paint or decorate as you like — we just went for old faithful googly eyes.

-Now it gets a bit (a very little bit) tricky: Fill with as much cotton wool as you can (up to about ½ cm from the top), being careful not to break the shell.  Then dribble water in to soak the cotton-wool. Then sprinkle your seeds on top.  That’s it!

-Every couple of days or so you can dribble some more water in so they stay moist.  And they go like the first picture after a couple of days but like this after a week or so!

p.s. These egg-cups are loved by me and hated by my husband.  But I grew up with them and found it so special when I was allowed a boiled egg in them.  My Mum gave them to me when I left home (making up for her lack of egg-head making I think). They are 1970’s Carltonware and you can still buy them on ebay.


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1. Esther | March 25, 2010 | Reply

We also make egg heads for Easter, I love those egg cups, they totally do the trick!!!!

2. Courtney | March 25, 2010 | Reply

I also had never heard of this cute project before… until Esther taught it to me a few years ago!

3. mary | March 25, 2010 | Reply

so cute, I love these !

4. Emilie | March 25, 2010 | Reply

You know what, I have never tried this… I think I will!

5. Mo | March 25, 2010 | Reply

My Mum is adament I did actually make these as a chiid – she says we only made them once as I didn’t like the cress when I ate it (which is crazy – i love cress now!). So apologies Mumma!