A sun hat that’s guaranteed for life

T3 Tilley HatThese days, it seems, nothing comes with a guarantee, and quantity usually takes precedence over quality. Not the case, however, with the Tilley hat. These hats have been around for ages – we used to wear them when we were little – and they’re still made with the same good old-fashioned care.

In anticipation of our big trip ‘down under’, my siblings gave each of my boys a children’s T3 Tilley Hat for Christmas, and it’s the one thing we ‘don’t leave home without’. I think these hats have got to be the best sun hats on the planet. They’re UV-protected (with the maximum UPF 50+ rating), rain-proof, they don’t shrink and won’t get floppy if wet, they have two different drawstrings to keep the hat in place, and they’re machine-washable. And like I said, they’re guaranteed for life (even insured against loss!) – you just can’t beat that! They’re made in Canada, but available internationally.

P.S. They also have a secret little pocket in the top of the hat. Tell me a kid who won’t love that!




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1. Tina Willett | February 23, 2010 | Reply

Thanks Courtney!! Nothing better than a good sun hat for the kiddos. I was wondering if you’ve also found a good sun hat for yourself. I’m looking for one. Thanks!!