Cute cuddles from Kayatine

kayatineAs Emilie pointed out, in French a ‘doudou’ is a little soft toy that small children take everywhere with them.  I think all mums love the thought of a ‘doudou’, or at least I do — a little toddling toddler, thumb in mouth and doudou in arms, what can be cuter?  (BTW, my kids never sucked their thumbs, but I did as a kid and was punished with braces when I was 12…  A pretty sight, especially paired with the glasses!)

Kayatine is a French mother and daughter design team, and their main line of products are cute doudous in a diverse collection of fabrics.  I like the way Evelyne and Julie-Anne stick to one design — it’s simple and cute, so why look for more?

Kayatine’s doudous make perfect gifts for baby showers or for newborn babies.  Or even for a pregnant mum (this one for sure)!

xxx Esther


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December 9, 2009

Can I just recommend that you make sure your kid decides to only get attached to a doudou that is available in your own country and not too expensive. My daughter will not fall asleep without her doudou. Unfortunately her doudou was given to her by Courtney who bought it in the USA and cannot be bought here. I have had to ask friend travelling back from the USA to bring me a couple of extra ones… If she does not have her doudou, life is just not worth living…. She by the way also sucks her thumb. I thought that did not make a difference to the way your teeth grow?

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