v_blouson_ecossais_monnkidsWhen I was a teenager my dad was worried that I had become a member of a cult. Why? Because for years I refused to wear anything but black! Poor guy, it was only years later that I realised how much I had freaked him out with my teenage fashion choices. I got a bit better in my twenties, but it is only since I have had kids that I have rediscovered bold, bright colours.

I had a coffee with the lovely Estelle from Nordinary the other day and we talked about the different way people in Northern and Southern Europe dress their kids. Here in France the tendency is still to dress kids in a quite classic style, muted colours, and classic cuts. In the Scandinavian countries (very likely to counteract the cold, long, winter months) there has always been a tendency towards bright colours and contemporary styles.

Estelle discovered a lack in the market here in France for Nordic labels and started up a website dedicated to the Nordic style of life. And it is truly fabulous!

IMG_0624-1She has a great collection of clothes and toys for kids and I fell in love with the checked jacket from the Swedish label Moonkids. It has a fab retro vibe and is made out of organic wool and dyes. Estelle has great taste and is all the time discovering new and funky labels. I also like her attitude towards her products — she goes out of her way to source ethically and environmentally sound items, which is becoming more and more important to me. Here is a photo of my little girl in her Moonkids jacket. Looks pretty cozy, no?

– Emilie


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