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Belle & Boo

belle and booI haven’t bought children’s greeting cards in a long time, probably because I really enjoy using my rubber stamps to make my own, and also because I haven’t ever found anything I really like.  Until now.

There isn’t anything by Belle & Boo that I don’t love.  It’s all so sweet and so simple with a charming vintage-y feel. The greeting cards are great, and I also love the gift tags and the gift wrap.

The designer, Mandy Sutcliffe, beautifully captures the innocence of childhood, whether it’s feeding the birds, hugging a tree, or sharing a story with a friend… And that is something I can’t exactly do with my rubber stamps!



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August 24, 2009

Oh I just found your super cute blog! Well, that´s fun, you just need one more city: Berlin! 🙂
I love those cards, they are so beautiful. By the way, my little daugther has her “babyccino” daily: it´s café latte but just without the coffee. so funny that your blog is named so. many summer greetings from Berlin!

August 26, 2009

Gorgeous pictures! I want to put 50 of them on one wall in matching frames:)

August 27, 2009

They create so tender stuff!

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