Eastern Market

Eastern MarketThe Eastern Market, in DC’s Southeast quadrant, has always been one of my favorite weekend stops, long before I lived in the neighborhood.  The market itself is DC’s oldest food market, dating to 1873, housed in an old brick hall. (The hall suffered from a big fire a few years back, and the market is in a temporary shelter across the street, with the old/refurbished shelter set to re-open soon.)  Just like a European market, you can come here to visit your neighborhood butcher, the florist, the cheese monger, the produce man, etc.  People from all over the city also flock to Market Lunch, for greasy spoon southern-influenced breakfast and lunch.  The bluebucks (blueberry buckwheat pancakes) are to die for!  But be sure to get there early, as the lines can be lengthy…. Have Dad stand in line while you take the kids to explore all the other merchants nearby in the hall.  After lunch?  Take a stroll through the flea market next door (Saturday and Sunday only) to check out furniture and other treasures, and walk the whole block of 7th street — tents are set up all along the street with vendors and artisans selling jewelry, paintings, and all sorts of cool things.  And be sure to look for the cafe with the bubble-blowing machine outside — that in itself inspires my 4-year-old to walk the 5 blocks to the market!



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1. Esther | May 18, 2009 | Reply

I love markets, we went to the famous Amsterdam Albert Kuijp market on Saturday and came back loaded with fresh food and flowers!

2. Tara | May 19, 2009 | Reply

As an added bonus to an Eastern Market visit, Peregrine Espresso is on that block on 7th Street and has the best coffee in the city. (At least until Murky Coffee opens in Chinatown in the next few months.)

3. Christine | August 22, 2009 | Reply

Don’t forget to visit Dawn Price Baby down the street from teh Eastern Market near Peregrine Coffee. I used to live near Eastern Market when I was pregnant and I frequently drooled over the clothes and accessories in this store.