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Porcupine Prints Sophie FletcherMy mom recently came to visit us here in London, and upon arrival was met with a very enthusiastic 4-year-old who wanted to give a guided tour of his bedroom and playroom.  As he was showing her his digs, I watched as he pointed out every painting on his walls, talking about the tiny details in each of them.  It dawned on me that he is way more observant of the art on his walls than I ever thought, and I suddenly realized the impression these paintings make on my kids. Imagine them lying in bed at night, the lights dimmed, taking in all the tiny details of the paintings, letting their minds wander off to sleep…

It really makes me think twice about the generic, of-the-moment posters I am sometimes drawn to, and opt for ones with a bit more heart.  Porcupine Prints is an on-line gallery specializing in art for children’s bedrooms.  Artists are carefully selected and paintings are commissioned based on their ability to inspire imagination and storytelling.  Nothing generic about it!

I love the city scenes by artist, Sophie Fletcher — check out all the tiny details in each city!  I also love the commissioned letter prints of magical scenes filled with everything beginning with the choice letter. I think I might need to buy an E and a Q!



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April 6, 2009

Those letter prints are lovely! Very personal!

April 6, 2009

The Alphabet and the Numbers by Clare Ormerod are my favourite

April 8, 2009

same goes with books. my boy’s favourite ones are always the least artistic (to my view) and more closely resemble the image you have posted above. I don’t even know how he got it (i didn’t buy it), but he adores this book called Rabbit Pie (by penny ives). the pictures are soft and full of details which he remembers and comments on. funnily enough i never would have chosen this book.

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