Le Big

Le Big 08I love good socks. Nice looking ones, of great quality.
I’m afraid I got Courtney hooked on good socks as well, after I introduced her to Falke last year…
Well, Court, I recently discovered another really great kiddie’s sock brand: Le Big. Very good quality, I must say. And a great basic collection with gorgeous colours, not to mention seasonal collections that are really funky! My daughter LOVES her Le Big socks, as they have dots, little balls, little bows or come with flower brooches — so cool! You should see her walking around with them, as if she’s the queen!

Nice to know is that all cotton used at Le Big is organic, and they are part of the Made-By label — a label on fashion brands that works on sustainability.
If you’re in the Netherlands, you can order Le Big socks from their web shop. If you’re international it’s best to e-mail them for retail information until their international web-shop goes live later this year…

xxx Esther


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1. Courtney | January 27, 2009 | Reply

All the socks/tights look super cool. Really fun colors! And I saw that they also have anti-slip pads on some of the bottoms of the socks… kind of like Falke!

I’ll have to get some when we come to Amsterdam!!

2. gabrielle | February 2, 2009 | Reply

by chance i stumbled across a pair of these yesterday at the 50% off sale at Broeder and Zus! …. now i’m just hoping he’ll let me put him in tights and winter shorts for one more year! pushing my luck methinks.