rubbabu.jpgAs I have two girls, I am completely and utterly clueless about presents for boys. I genuinely have no idea what boys like! Girls are easy: a dress, a doll, a dress for a doll, the list goes on and on. Boys — I just don’t know….

So what I normally do is just go to our local toy shop and see what is around. This is how I discovered the Rubbabu car. It is bouncy and squishy. It is big enough that it can easily be picked up by little un-coordinated hands. It is very well made, so it can be pushed along easily. Last but not least, it is actually really cute.

Oh, and another important thing is that it is soft enough so if a toddler is swinging it over their head and accidentally hurls it at another kid, it does not hurt, as my 9-month-old will attest to.

There you go…. I never thought I would be able to wax lyrical about a toy car….

- Emilie

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1. Courtney | January 21, 2009 | Reply

I’ve seen these before… I think maybe Esther has one for her kids! They’re very cool. I love that they are non-violent with their soft and squishiness…

2. Esther | January 21, 2009 | Reply

We DO have the same! It’s a caterpillar shape, and it looks very cool. I agree with the ‘soft-enough-to-throw’ aspect – I wish my son would choose that toy over another one to toss across the room!!