Fish Gerald

fish gerald

Not long ago, we visited our local pet store. My children immediately went to the aquarium with all the glittery goldfish, but I discovered the cutest little hamster rolled up in a miniature pile of hay. I secretly opened the cage, and stroked the tiny sweetheart over its belly, meanwhile telling my husband we should maybe get our children this cute little animal for them to cuddle and love…
AAARGH! The little sweetheart had turned into a killer hamster and had attacked my index finger! It seriously put it’s little teeth deep into the flesh! Holding back a scream, I quickly closed the cage and buried my now badly bleeding finger into a clean nappy in my handbag. Pretending nothing happened so to not to alarm the shop assistant (but seriously holding back tears of shock, pain and embarrassment), I promised myself I would NEVER buy such a dangerous animal for my children. I made my way to the fish tank.
Within ten minutes we went home with a huge fish bowl, plants, sand, fish food and one lucky fish: Gerald.
And I must say, he’s really become part of the family. Every morning, my kids fight over who may feed Fish Gerald (Great Gatsby — get it??). And I swear he recognizes them, because he starts racing around his bowl and jumping out of the water. We put some big shells in the sand, and he likes to call those his little house (he really retires to his shell when he wants some quiet time). And he’s not at all dangerous. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even have teeth!
In celebration of Fish Gerald and goldfish in general, I got my daughter this lovely print from l’Affiche Moderne. And it is beautiful! Even if you don’t love fish, this is a wonderful print, and it will look gorgeous in every little girl’s room…

xxx Esther


A bit of an indulgence

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1. Courtney | December 7, 2008 | Reply

That is too funny! I love that you named your fish “Fish Gerald”. So cute!

I’m sure my boys would love a fish…. but what happens when you go on holiday? Who takes care of the fish?

2. Emilie | December 7, 2008 | Reply

You poor thing, that sounds really, really painful! I guess that has put you off a hamster for life!

3. Jude | December 7, 2008 | Reply

thank you for introducing me to this website, wonderful ! I have ordered the print already!

4. Esther | December 7, 2008 | Reply

Surely – never a hamster in our hoiuse! Those animals are dangerous!
When we’re on vacation, we just bring Fish Gerald to our neighbours. They don’t mind having him – in fact, he doesn’t need that much attention!

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